Nursery Finds

I’ve had a great week at yard sales and thrift stores!

I found these 2 French Provincial style end tables on a local Facebook Yard Sale group for $20 for the pair! They are solid wood (from what I can tell at least) and look practically brand new. Of course, the husband didn’t think we needed them, but I say we do! They will look perfect painted white and put next to the couch that we will use in the nursery. I’ve had said couch for a couple years and currently it’s just in a spare room where all our junk collects.. Andrew of course thought I should get rid of it a loooooooong time ago, but it’s in perfect condition and I knew it would be useful one day! The day has come, woohoo!!!

French Provincial Style end tables

French Provincial Style end tables

My second awesome find this week is this beautiful dresser. I picked it up at Waterfront Mission Bargain Center, its like a Goodwill/Salvation Army and all the proceeds go to help the homeless, for ONLY $40!!! SCORE!!!! I’m pretty sure it just came off the donation truck because it was in the back of the store and half of it was hidden behind another piece of furniture. The top has a lot of scratches in it from the hutch that was supposed to go on top- it was $10 extra and super ugly.. needless to say, I passed on the hutch. The inside of drawers were all super clean and the all drawers pulled out perfectly. I really wanted a French Provincial style dresser, but those suckers are hard to find. The only requirements I had to buy a dresser were:

1. It HAD to be under $50.  ✔

2. I wanted some sort of scalloped/curvy design on the bottom. ✔

3. I wanted it to have feet. ✔

This had all 3 requirements! I snatched the tag up and quickly paid, this was MINE ALL MINE! The nice people loaded it up into my SUV and I drove home a happy camper. Then I had to wait ALL day for Andrew to come home from work so I could get it out the trunk and really inspect it. We unloaded it into the garage and I discovered something great! One of the drawers that I couldn’t open in the store since it was smack up against something else had the furniture maker stamp thingy in it! It’s a solid wood Kincaid dresser, probably from the 80’s. This discovery made the 40$ price tag even better. I’m going to paint it white/off white and maybe do the drawers a different color, either light pink or gray…. What do you think I should do?!?!?

Kincaid dresser

Kincaid dresser (not the best picture, I took it at night with my iPhone)

And last but not least, my third great find! I woke up this morning with the intent to scout out garage sales on craigslist and yardsalesearch. Welp, turns out there were none in my area today! Darn. So I figured I’d just drive around looking for signs since a lot of people might not advertise online. I found a rummage sale that was going on at a church but today was the last day so everything was picked through. ……Then I found a Starbucks and needed a Chai Latte…… Anywho, on my way home from Starbucks there was a sign for an estate sale! It had just started a couple hours ago and there were a ton of cars parked outside so I stopped and checked it out. I’d never been to an estate sale before so I didn’t really know what to expect but it was surprisingly fun to rummage through other peoples stuff LOL! They mostly had knick-knacks and clothes, but all the rooms were filled! These people must have had an enormous amount of stuff. I found some frames and a cute mirrored tray, all for $5.00! I think I’m going to spray paint the frames gold and maybe pink and use them in the nursery. Andrew was even impressed with my finds! Now that I’m home, I wish I would have bought more stuff :/

estate sale finds!

estate sale finds!

I have a busy week ahead of me with all these projects! And this Wednesday we go for our 16 week doctor appointment! Yay 🙂

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