28 weeks!

  How far along? 28 Weeks 

Total weight gain/loss:  22 lbs

 Measurements: 36/37/40 

Maternity clothes? a little bit of both, mostly dresses though 

Symptoms: None really 

Stretch marks? Some new ones on my butt but nothing on the tummy 🙂 

Sleep: ehhh 

Best moment this week: had another ultrasound and got to see baby girl. She was super active! The ultrasound lady said she has long feet! Doesn’t get that from me lol and she’s 2 lbs 12 oz 🙂

Miss Anything? Beer (although I accidentally drank some the other day, more on that below 😳)

 Movement: Yes! she kicks and punches ALL THE TIME! 

Food cravings: Not really. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

 Have you started to show yet: Yes 

Gender: Girl!!!!

Name: Madelyn Anne 🙂 

Labor Signs: No 

Belly Button in or out? Completely flat!

 Wedding rings on or off? On but they’re getting tight 

Looking forward to: my trip to NJ next week!!!

I’m officially in my 3rd trimester and I’m celebrating with a beach day!! I did yard work all last week and my body is so tired so I thought a day at the beach would be great! I dug out a hole in the sand for my belly and am currently laying on my stomach! 


Over the weekend Andrew and I went to our favorite little restaurant called The Yard. 


It’s a super casual place, you order your food inside and they have an outdoor eating area with picnic tables and lawn chairs. It’s pretty cool. And it’s in an old converted hosptial! If your ever in Pensacola Florida and are tired of the beach scene this is definately a place to check out! This is where I drank the beer…. So you choose your drinks from a cooler and Andrew and I are looking through it and he finds a bottle that said root beer (the kind that’s in an actual glass beer like bottle) I love me some root beer! So I got it and didn’t really look at the label. I took a couple sips ( it was really good!) and made jokes about how people probably think a pregnant woman is drinking beer lol well jokes on me cause then I get to looking at the bottle and there’s the surgeon general warning about alcohol and an alcohol percentage! Turns out the label said “not your fathers root beer” and in tiny lettering it said it was ale brewed with spices!  They did a pretty good job cause it tasted exactly like root beer. Oops lol  

Next week I fly to NJ for my baby shower my sister and mom are throwing for me 🙂 I can’t wait to see everyone! I hope the flight isn’t too uncomfortable! 

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