Ottoman Makeover

A while back Andrews parents made us an ottoman for our living room. They made the base and I did the upholstering. I don’t have a good ‘before’ picture but here is one I found:

Colby being a weirdo and sleeping on the ottoman

Colby being a weirdo and sleeping on the ottoman

His parents gave us 4 inch foam to cover the thing and I wanted it to be tufted, so it turned out to have very DEEP tufting. It was a good ottoman to put your feet on but you couldn’t keep a drink or anything on it because of the tufting. As soon as I covered it the first time I knew I wanted to REcover it but I waited a while so Andrew didn’t think I was crazy 😀  (and I didn’t want to spend more money on fabric).

I waited as long as I could and recently decided it was time to recover it. Then as I was cleaning our guest bathroom I came across an old shower curtain I had from my apartment. Our house has all glass door showers so we didn’t need it and am so glad I didn’t throw it away!

I painted the legs in a purple/gray color…


When they were dry I went to work taking the old ottoman apart. It was very difficult because I used screws and washers for the tufts so the fabric and foam were on there pretty good. I could have bought a new piece of plywood and new foam, but I didn’t want to spend ANY money so I salvaged what we had. Since the foam was sooo thick, I cut it down to 2 inches thick with an electric knife. Then I glued the foam on the top of the old plywood (the screws and washers were still in it, but its covered so it worked out fine) and filled in the tufting holes I made in the foam with balls of batting. Then I covered the whole thing in a double layer of batting and stapled down the fabric.

I didn’t take many pictures of the makeover besides an ‘after’ picture (mainly because the in-progress steps looked like a disaster was occurring).

Finished Ottoman

Finished Ottoman

I think it looks soooooo much better than the original ottoman 🙂 and the fabric is nice and Spring-y!! I hope Andrew and his parents agree!

Before & After

Before & After

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