DIY: Round Storage Ottoman ReCover

So the other day while perusing Waterfront Bargain Center I noticed what looked to be a little round ottoman on the other side of the store. I immediately made a bee-line for it while giving myself a budget..  I came up with $20, max (I figured for anything more than that I could make myself one from scratch). Turns out, no budget was needed. IT WAS $5.00, well $4.99 to be exact!!!! Uhh heck yes this thing was mine! I already had a couple things stuffed in the tiny carts they have around the store so it was like a puzzle trying to fit everything in. I’m pretty sure everyone in the store thought I was crazy because I was walking around with the biggest smile on my face, I was just so happy about this ottoman! It was literally perfect and exactly what I was looking for!!! 😀 😀 😀

Here is the little guy at home! Colby obviosly liked it too. (and sorry about Andrews feet in the picture, I didn't even realize they were in the pic until I just now uploaded it)

Here is the little guy at home! Colby obviously liked it too. (and sorry about Andrews feet in the picture, I didn’t even realize they were in the pic until I just now uploaded it)

I went to JoAnn Fabric and picked out some fabric that I thought would go with the gray and pink damask fabric that I made the curtains from and some trim. I also picked up some more stitch witchery hem tape, unique stitch glue, and batting. I used a coupon for pretty much every item and saved a ton of money!

fabric and trim

fabric and trim

I cleaned the ottoman very well and gave it a good coating of bug spray cause you can never be too sure(the kind you would use on fabric, not your skin). After it was dry I painted the legs a light gray color that I had on hand from picking out a wall color for the nursery. I used one that we didn’t pick for the walls..



I then started covering the top of the ottoman. I laid out the batting and stapled it around the lid. Then cut off any excess.


I repeated the same process to cover it with the fabric. I made sure to pull the fabric tight enough so I didn’t have any creases in the fabric.





Next I added the trim around the bottom of the lid. I used Dritz Unique Stitch to glue the trim down. It seems to have worked well.




finished top 🙂

Then to cover the bottom, I stapled the batting to the ottoman and measured and cut the fabric. Then laid it over the ottoman. I stapled one edge of the fabric to the actual ottoman and used the stitch witchery to glue the other down too. (I also said a little prayer that this would work, it did!)


IMG_0987 IMG_0989

Then I stapled the down the top and bottom parts of the fabric



finished bottom!

finished bottom!

FInished ottoman!!

Finished ottoman!!

I am so happy with how it turned out!

The cost breakdown is as follows:

Ottoman: $4.99
Fabric: $7.00 
Trim: $3.50
Batting: $5.00

So I spent around $20, which is a pretty good deal I think!

Let me know what you think!

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