Rustoleum Rippled Effect Spray Paint

So I was at Home Depot a while ago looking at paints and such and wandered into the spray paint section. There was a big yellow clearance sticker for $2.00 under one of the spray paints.. (anything on clearance catches my eye and I need to have it).. Turned out to be Rustoleum Rippled Effect Spray Paint. The can says it creates a rippled wet effect when applied to glass but still leaves the glass see through. So I figured what the heck, I’ll try it. Well it sat in my garage for quite some time before I even remembered I bought it.

According to Rustoleum’s website:

“Rippled Effect is an innovative coating that creates a unique rippled texture when applied to glass. Rippled Effect is a semi-transparent clear coating that transforms the texture of the glass, but still allows light to pass through. It is ideal for glass vases, candle holders, lamps, window panes, shower doors and more.”

 I have a bunch of vases from flower arrangements my lovely husband has gotten for me so I decided to try it on one of those. I went outside and did 2 coats on the vase. The can recommends 3-4, but it was cold and windy and I wanted to go back inside!


After 1 coat

Here is the painted vase (left) next to an unpainted one (right) for comparison:


Not sure it looks ‘wet’ like the can says but the texture kind of reminds me of the textured glass shower doors. So, if you have something glass that you want to look a little textured/not so see-through this spray paint will do the trick.

For $2.00 I had fun playing around with it!

Anyone every use this product before? If so, what did you do with it?

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