Thrifty Thursday!

I thought I’d share my thrift store finds this week and some tips and tricks I use while thrifting!

First, my finds :). I went to my favorite store in my area, Waterfront Mission Bargain Center. The one in my town is HUGE, I’d say the size of a Wal-Mart! I spent under $20 and was able to pick up a lot of things on my list (read about that in my tips below!).


Since I’m trying to condense 2 guest rooms into 1 to make the nursery, we are going to need a lot of extra storage. This was $7.00 and I almost didn’t get it because it was so dirty and to be honest I didn’t even want to touch it. I’m glad I got it though! It cleaned up nicely and now looks practically brand new!



Cute little “Bombay & Co” mirror. I plan to paint it and put it in the nursery, I think it will look good with the dresser and end tables. This was a splurge at $10.00! (sorry for the garbage bags in the reflection, I hung this up in the soon to be nursery/used to be guest room and am organizing all the stuff in there throwing everything away)



Glass containers/vases and baby books. Spent about $2.50. The books I bought for the pictures and will put them in frames that I found at an estate sale, for the nursery.

There once was a sad day I would not step foot in a thrift store, I thought they were dirty smelly and just all around gross. Some of them are… but anyway… I don’t really remember when I had a change of heart but I’m so glad I did! They are my favorite places to shop now, along with garage/estate sales, especially for household items. These stores can swallow you up, so to keep my thrifting as efficient as possible here are some tips and tricks I use:

1. I always keep a list with me in my phone of things I ‘need’, ‘want’, and ‘nice to have’ along with measurements of these things. The ‘want’ and ‘nice to have’ are pretty similar but the ‘wants’ Iย  want a little more ๐Ÿ™‚ . Every time I move on from a section in the store I refer to my list to refresh my memory on what to look out for.
2. Always have a tape measure on hand!! Andrew makes fun of me because I always have one in my purse and feel lost if for some reason it’s not there- you never know when you have to measure something!! (I think this comes from my working-gal days when I worked as an engineer in a manufacturing environment, I always had a tape measure on my hip.. very feminine, I know..) I get the last laugh though when it comes in handy and saves the day ๐Ÿ˜€
3. If for some reason I don’t have a tape measure, I know that my pinky finger measures 2 inches exactly from the outside (this tip also comes from my working-gal days). With this awesome piece of information I can pretty much measure anything, anytime, anywhere! Talk about power!!ย  I think a dollar bill is about 6 inches so you can use that too.
4. Go down every aisle! No matter how hard the employees/volunteers try to keep the store organized, it’s impossible to keep everything in its place! You never know what kind of treasure could be hidden in the auto parts section!
5. Keep hand sanitizer in your purse or car and use it after you leave the store. You’re touching a lot of stuff that came from a lot of places!

Do you have any additional tips up your sleeve?! I’d love to hear them!

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