DIY Starburst Mirror

I knew a wanted a starburst mirror (or 3) for the nursery, except I didn’t want to pay the $70+ price tag for each one. They can be VERY expensive! I looked on pinterest to find some ideas on how to DIY one. Most of the tutorials were very similar to each other in materials and techniques, so I figured they couldn’t be TOO complicated to make! The main difference I found was some people would use the skewer sticks for like barbeque-ing and others used dowels from the craft store. I decided to use the dowels since I wanted the mirror to NOT look like I made it myself. They are a little more expensive than the skewer sticks, but still not that bad (especially when compared to ones you would buy).

inspiration for starburst patterns

Inspiration for starburst patterns.

So I went out to the stores to gather all my supplies!

Here was my shopping list/ what you will need:

5″ mirror @ Hobby Lobby. $1.99 with 50% off sale
16- 3/16″ dowel rods @ Hobby Lobby. $0.29 each
6″ floral craft ring @ Michaels. $0.89 with 40% off coupon
Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint @ Home Depot. $3.50
Hot glue gun & extra glue sticks
E6000 Glue (or any other super strength glue)
Picture hanger
mask and gloves (since I’m pregnant I didn’t want to inhale the spray fumes!)
Something to cut the dowels with (I used garden shears and it worked perfect, you could also use a hack saw or meter saw)
measuring tape

All the supplies to make mirror!

All the supplies to make mirror!

I started off by glueing the mirror to the craft ring using E6000 glue. While that was drying I began to cut the dowels with my garden shears 🙂 . I cut 8 pieces of the following sizes: 18″, 15″, 12″, 9″, & 6″.

IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0839

After the the dowels were cut and the glue was dried, I laid out the pattern of the ‘starburst’ that I wanted. I had a couple different patterns laid out, but I chose this one (at least for this one):


After the pattern was laid out, I began glueing the dowels down using hot glue. I started by glueing the longest pieces (18″) then filled in the spaces with the shorter dowels. (15″, 12″, 9″ & 6″). When doing this it is very important to make sure the dowels are glued at 90 degree angle from the side of the mirror (otherwise, you’ll get a  spiral sorta effect.. I cant really explain it, but trust me)

18" dowel pattern.

18″ dowel pattern.

Fill in spaces between 18" dowels with shorter dowels.

Fill in spaces between 18″ dowels with shorter dowels.

After glueing all the dowels down, I set up shop outside to spray paint. Before spray painting I covered the mirror with tin foil so I did’t get the paint on the mirror. I used almost a whole can of Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint, it took about 4 coats to get the look I wanted. I probably could have gotten away with less coats if I primed the wood prior to spray painting but it was easier to put a ton of spray paint on it!


After it dried I took it inside and using the E6000 I glued a picture hanger on the back.

Finished Product!

Finished Product! (sorry for the weird angle, the lighting in the room was making some crazy shadows and making the rays look  all weird and bowed)

The finished mirror is about 40 inches in diameter measured from the longest dowels and I only spent about $11.00. This mirror definitely makes a big statement with a small price tag!  I plan on making 2 more, with the same size mirror and frame but different patterns for the rays. The plan as of now will be for all 3 to go in the nursery somewhere!

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