There’s a bun in the oven!

Andrew and I got married November 9th, 2014 and a few short weeks (and still no period) later, I took a pregnancy test and sure enough all 5 were positive! December 10 (also my birthday) was my first doctors appointment, I was 7 weeks preggo. We went back a week later to make sure everything was progressing smoothly, told Andrews family then headed to NJ to tell my family! We attempted to do the whole take a pic then tell everyone while taking the picture thing to capture their faces which didn’t go quite as planned- we got a picture, just a very very blurry one!




To document my growing belly I will be making a chalkboard every couple of weeks- Here is my first one at 7 weeks.


I had a little bit of nausea for like a week around Thanksgiving but nothing to serious. Besides being EXTREMELY tired all the time, I’m doing good =)

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