Nursery Ideas

I have been getting ideas on how I want the nursery to look. Boy or girl, I don’t want anything too baby-like. I’ve decided on painting the walls gray and using a lot of accent colors to bring color to the room. After researching and bringing home like 3 dozen paint chips from Home Depot, I narrowed it down to 2 colors, Graceful Grey and Perfect Taupe both by Behr. I got samples of each color and slapped them up on the wall. Both colors were nice, but I decided on Graceful Grey. Perfect Taupe looked a little too dark. I may or may not have picked out a new color for our master bedroom too 😉

If it’s a boy I think I am going to do accent colors of dark blue/navy and either light purple or peach for a girl.

I am also on the hunt for a cheap dresser I can paint and use for a changing table. I’m trying to hold off on looking for one until we know the gender, but I find myself on craigslist and yard sale sites all the time searching! If it’a a girl I want something with curvy lines and feet, but if its a boy I would prefer something more boxy. I’ve found a couple already on craigslist and thrift stores which I’m sure will be sold before I can get them- it’s killing me to wait!

Absolutely in love with this for a girl

Absolutely in love with this for a girl!!

Something like this for a boy

Something like this for a boy!

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