12 Weeks!

Our 12 weeks doctor appointment was January 14! The doctor said everything is going good and we got to hear the heartbeat! 160 bpm loud and clear! We didn’t get an ultrasound which I was a little bummed about. I got blood taken for routine tests and through the blood work we will find out the Baby Martin’s gender sometime next week!!


How far along? 12 Weeks
Total weight gain 7 pounds! (130 to 137)
Maternity clothes? nope, just leggings
All the time please!
Have you told family and friends:
 Yes! See below for Facebook announcement!
 Not yet
Food cravings: Corn Nuggets from Sonnys, but I always crave them- they’re delicious even when you’re not pregnant! 
Weird Symptoms:
Sneezing all the time!
Food aversions:
Eggs & the smell of bacon being cooked (too bad for Andrew, bacon has been banned from this house!).
Bump?: Getting bigger, although still just looks like I ate too much. The upside is, this is the first time in my life I actually have boobs =)

We decided to tell our extended family and friends this week too! I knew I wanted to include our dog Colby in the announcement somehow so I scoured through Pinterest to find some ideas. Colby was surprisingly cooperative, I stuck a treat on the inside of the book which made this a whole lot easier to get him to look at the book. At the end of the “photo shoot” he ended up with like 6 treats, so he was a happy camper. He’ll do ANYTHING for food.


Our ‘official’ facebook announcement!


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